What can Functional Jobs do for you?

We can simply create a job posting for you for 30 days, cross-posting on our social media handles (Twitter, Reddit), email lists, and various functional programming communities, reaching over 7,500 developers.

However, what we really want to do is to help your engineers tell their own story to the world. We believe that this way, you can not only attract engineers who will fit in better with your team, you also produce content that raises your company's credibility and image.

How does this work?

If the idea of attracting engineering talent with a clearer idea of your team's culture and workflow, by creating a piece of evergreen content interests you, send me (Alvin) an email at alvin@functionaljobs.com with the following pieces of information:

  • Your name
  • Your company website
  • Your role at the company
  • The availability of a developer on the team that you're hiring for for a 1-hour interview

I will then get back to you on step 2: scheduling an interview, and subscription.

What do you get out of this?

In addition to job postings that come with your subscription plan, you get an audio/video podcast episode, distributed across Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other podcasting platforms where one of your engineers tells an honest story of how your team works, what workflow is like at your company, how your company respects engineers' decisions, dev-tooling, and other issues at the forefront of engineers' minds when they apply for a job.
This episode will also be distributed across our social media handles and e-mail list, reaching more than 7,500 engaged users across the functional programming community.
You will also get a summary blog post and transcript featured on our blog, which you are free to use on your own blog for SEO and content marketing.
By featuring words from the engineer's own lips, this raises the credibility a lot more than a general job description with some lines about "team culture", and allows them to go in-depth into details that candidates might not be able to tell unless they are already a few layers into the interview process.
You'll be able to get candidates who are a lot more engaged with your company, and who will be more likely to stick through the interview process and stay on with the team; in addition, all this distribution further acts as marketing for your company.

What if I just want to post a job?

No problem. You can simply go through the following link for a job-posting for 30 days at $299. This might be entirely sufficient for you, depending on your needs.

Once you've made your payment, go to this link and fill in the details of the posting.