Engineering Manager, SDKs

Job description

As an Engineering Manager, you will help lead one of our five person development squads. As an Engineering Manager you can expect to spend most of your time leading and mentoring your team, but also making direct engineering contributions (including writing code yourself, reviewing PRs, specifying projects and designing solutions) when appropriate. The ratio may fluctuate depending on the project and needs of the team, but we’re always looking for people who are passionate about solving software problems. When in tension, we encourage Engineering Managers to prioritize leadership over direct contribution.

LaunchDarkly serves trillions of feature flags daily to customers all around the globe, and every flag is handled by our SDKs.  This team has a major impact not only on our company, but on our customers (and their customers).  We are growing fast and we need your help writing the next chapter in our story.


  • Manage SDK development for our supported platforms.
  • Work on critical development projects, both with direct code contributions and by helping your teammates move faster.
  • Help your team make design and architectural decisions to ensure success.
  • Actively maintain our open-source repositories.

Along with your colleagues in Product Management and Design, you will:

  • Help your team understand their mission and how they fit in with the overall business goals.
  • Prioritize a roadmap that balances feature delivery, operational health, and bug fixing.
  • Define and measure success in your areas.
  • Lead your team to deliver while keeping your developers motivated, empowered, growing and happy.

Basic Qualifications:

  • One or more years’ experience leading people: hiring, motivating, growing, empowering, and performance managing.
  • A history of creating or maintaining great team cultures.
  • Polyglot background— fluency in at least one programming language, and an ability to context switch quickly between languages.
  • A hands-on foundation of software development knowledge that allows work side by side with your team.
  • Skills and knowledge that will establish credibility with your team.
  • A passion for sharing that knowledge and helping to raise the bar for everyone you work with.
  • The ability to track and drive metrics, and the wisdom to understand what they can and can't tell you.
  • A drive to truly understand the needs of your customer, and the ability to translate those into business goals.
  • Experience building and maintaining client applications or libraries.

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